About Pinnacle Eyecare

The doctors at Pinnacle Eyecare are husband and wife who graduated together in 2000 from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University in Philadelphia.  They have worked in both private and group practice settings and have gained valuable experience and knowledge that now benefit the patients at Pinnacle Eyecare.  

About Us

Why Choose Pinnacle?

We use advanced technology in every aspect of your examination.  Our digital refracting system will give you the most precise prescription without relying on your subjective responses.  We measure your eye pressures to help rule out glaucoma using a quick soft touch device so you no longer have to endure numbing drops that sting or the dreaded air puff.  The internal structures of your eyes are examined with high-definition photos in addition to 3D images of the deeper layers of the eye.  Since many eye diseases can occur before any visual symptoms  appear, we are now able to catch eye diseases at their earliest stages with the use of our modern diagnostic equipment.

Whether you need a correction for distance, near or both, we will prescribe the best ophthalmic materials to give you the clearest vision possible.  We have hand selected all of our frames and have chosen the best contact lenses to ensure that our patients will have high quality products at a reasonable price. In addition, our practice has a finishing lab to enable us to make your glasses on the premises and reduce the turnaround time.